Sesame Street; I’m pretty sure anyone that’s reading this has somewhere in their lifetime heard of the show. We may have out grown the charm and wonder that Sesame Street once gave us, but it’s still kicking for the younger generations. Although, no adult I don’t care how cold hearted can sing the Sesame Street theme song and not feel happy inside.

To keep up with the younger generations watching the show, Sesame Workshop (the non-profit owners of the show) has decided to release clips and episodes of the show to YouTube, Hulu, and iTunes.

Hulu, and YouTube of course will have clips to view for free, but you can download full episodes of the show at iTunes’s store for $1.99.

In case you think you’re too old for Sesame Street, just watch this
video of Neil Patrick Harris singing about shoes with fairy wings on. I guarantee you’ll at least grin.